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The South African government launched the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) programme in 2011. This programme has contributed to solving the current energy crisis whilst also addressing the national imperative of reducing carbon emissions. Across the country, over 90 private sector renewable energy plants are currently constructing or already feeding electricity into the national grid. As part of the bidding process each independent power producer (IPP) has to contribute towards economic development (ED) including engagement with local communities close to the energy plant.

Whilst innovative, delivering on time and within budget, it has become clear as the bidding phases and projects unfold, that there are deep seated difficulties in the setting up and implementation of the ED prerequisites. As a result, a unique opportunity for the country could be compromised.

The Transformation Energy Trust (TET) works to maximise the transformative potential of energy projects through supporting multi-stakeholder collaboration, in particular the critical relationships between government, communities and private sector.

what we do

TET supports industry, government and communities to make effective use of the economic development provisions of the renewable energy procurement programme (REIPPPP).

TET offers an organisational base from which the challenges of implementing ED provisions can be faced nationally and in an integrated way, while also enabling local responses. It is therefore in a position to integrate local knowledge into the bigger picture, offering a unique, coordinated and independent perspective on the roll-out of the ED provisions of the REIPPPP.

Such a perspective offers valuable material from which the sector as a whole can learn and adapt, thus informing and strengthening outcomes. It is staffed by a small and experienced team who draws on the skill and guidance of those working in the sector. The work is based on four integrated pillars of work.

who we are

The Transformation Energy Trust is run on a not for profit basis to this end we seek funding as well as charge for services in order to cover our running costs. We initiate work where we see the need, and are open to requests and to developing initiatives collaboratively.

Sue Soal
Associate & trustee
Holle Wlokas

our connections

TET connects with individuals and organisations in the local and international energy and development communities.

The Energy Blog is an independent news and information resource which aims to document our ventures towards a more sustainable energy future in an accessible and engaging manner.

The Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) is a civil society organisation, established in 1987, based in Cape Town, South Africa. CDRA is a centre for organisational innovation and developmental practice; rooted in supporting the role and functioning of a robust Civil Society to become more effective in working at the interface with the State and Business in the process of co-creating a better world.

Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) promotes equitable, low carbon, clean energy development in urban South Africa and Africa. We do this through research, capacity building, policy engagement and information dissemination.


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